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About Us

Our Mission and Vision:


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The Puyallup Parent Partnership Program inspires students' love for learning to provide an alternative learning experience for students and families to feel supported and encouraged as they guide their child’s learning.

The Puyallup Online Academy community, through digital learning and a relationship-driven approach, works to support students’ educational goals while providing preparation for college, career, and life.

Puyallup Digital Learning (PDL) is a fully accredited online school in partnership with the Puyallup School District.

PDL provides a way for students to take classes over the Internet, learning at their own pace, on their own schedule, and primarily, in their own environment.  Since it is part of the Puyallup School District, Puyallup Digital Learning is tuition-free for all students. Students may start at any time. Call or email for an appointment today.

With Puyallup Digital Learning, students have access to a wide variety of engaging classes. They earn a high school diploma from the Puyallup School District upon completing the program.  Students have their own graduation ceremony in June.

For The POA Program

  • Over 100 courses available, including core, elective, diagnostic, interventions, and credit retrieval.
  • Students enrolled in Puyallup Digital Learning are students of the top-rated Puyallup School District.
  • The curriculum and teachers of the Puyallup Digital Learning are accredited through AESD Accreditation.

Our Mission

PDL will provide alternative opportunities, tools, and strategies for our students to meet their individual needs to be successful. 

School Beliefs

  •  All students deserve to feel worthy and capable.
  •  Student success is not solely measured in arbitrary standards.
  •  Students deserve to make big goals and big dreams.
  •  Students have different learning styles, and we try to meet those needs.
  •  Students learn best when they feel connected to their school and school staff.
  •  We provide academic support and accountability to create a successful learning environment.
  •  We intentionally work to build and promote positive staff to student, staff to staff, and student to student relationships to help students achieve their goals.
  •  Understanding students’ individual interests can build a stronger connection, leading to increased learning opportunities.