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The new school year is here and students in grades 7-12 are heading back to online learning. While there have been some changes to our schedule, with the right mindset and strategies, you can make the most out of your online learning experience. Here are some valuable tips to help you thrive academically and personally during this school year: 

1. Create a Dedicated Study Space: 

Set up a quiet and organized study area that is free from distractions. Having a designated space can help you stay focused and productive during your virtual classes and study sessions. 

2. Stick to a Routine: 

Maintain a consistent daily routine. Wake up at a regular time, get dressed, have meals, and attend classes as scheduled. This structure can help you stay motivated and manage your time effectively. 

3. Set Clear Goals: 

During your Family Connection Day appointment, you will work with a teacher to outline your academic goals for the semester. It will include improving grades, mastering a particular subject, developing better study habits, and having clear objectives which will give your online learning purpose and direction. An email will be sent to you directly from your teacher.  

4. Stay Engaged During Morning Virtual Classes: 

Participate actively in virtual classes by asking questions, sharing your thoughts, and contributing to discussions. Engaging with your teachers and classmates can make the online learning experience more interactive and enjoyable. 

5. Attend afternoon labs: 

Students are expected to attend virtual and/or in-person labs as scheduled. Labs will provide students an opportunity to receive academic help and support if needed. In addition, afternoon labs will extend the learning from the morning’s virtual classroom.  

6. Use Technology 

Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams, Schoology, Outlook, OneNote, and other Microsoft Suite which you will be using for classes and assignments. Practice changing your background in Microsoft Teams or design a background in your dedicated workspace to enhance your on-camera experience. 


If you encounter difficulties or have inquiries, do not hesitate to contact your teachers. They are available to assist you and can provide explanations for concepts or supply extra resources if needed. 

Good luck with the upcoming school year! 

Ms. Tawana Bens, Puyallup Digital Learning Director